Music Artwork

MY ROLE | Digital artwork, illustration, graphic design, band logo, custom typography.

Album cover and poster design for Thunder Swamp and Radio Cascadia, music groups from Vancouver. 

Key Focus: 

Thunder Swamp| Design a cover that speaks to the Indie Rock band name and immediately resonates with existing and new listeners on a visceral level. 

Radio Cascadia | To create harmonious album cover art that will appeal to intimate event planners seeking unique background music, while also appealing to new acoustic music lovers.


Thunder Swamp | Unique typographical treatment combines to form the titling, with a psychedelic-inspired background fusing natural dreamlike imagery with muted tones reminiscent of the song titles within…Dreaming of You, Scarlet’s Garden, etc.

Radio Cascadia | An album cover reflecting the collaboration between the musical duo, blending rhythmic landscapes in a tapestry of colours and textures that reflects the genre of the music.


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